OnLyons transcends traditional real estate by uniting luxury with heartfelt community in The Only neighbourhoods. They go beyond the traditional role of being an agent by offering unparalleled service. They are not merely listing homes; they’re narrating life’s chapters, making OnLyons The Only firm that turns stories into sales from growing families to peaceful retirements.

For OnLyons, we executed a strategic and authentic branding experience aimed at positioning their real estate venture as “The Only Choice” in the Lyons community. By leveraging word play and iconic real-estate visuals we created a brand that spoke to their audience and lead with professionalism while still being approachable. We also crafted a story that illustrated their values, goals and explained what set them apart. These slogans and stories could then be incorporate in to both marketing and internal documentation to provide unified and cohesive messaging across all platforms and employees. 

  • Services

    Logo Development
    Storytelling & Copy
    Social Media Set-Up