Your Brands Next Chapter

What to Expect

We’re excited for your Brandup! In preparation, please read the following so you know what to expect, and then fill out the form ‘Pre-Brandup Info Needed’ on this page (you can also email that info if you prefer).

The Brandup is an intensive process designed to build an entire brand for your business in a short amount of time- your time that is! In order to make the process go smoothly we do as much of the backend research and creative work as we can beforehand. This means by the time you arrive we have thought a lot about your company and, based on the strategy in the Blueprint brief you approved, have developed a plan to craft a brand identity that resonates deeply, propelling your business into its most compelling chapter yet!

The Brandup is an iterative process that builds on itself. We have a schedule that we follow to ensure that we deliver all items as promised. This requires us to move along in the process in a somewhat timely manner.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for feedback! Quite the contrary, we welcome your reactions, thoughts and questions as they come up. It’s important that we discuss all feedback before moving forward because all future decisions build on previous decisions.

Your to-do List:

Please fill out the following form no less than 1 week before the BRANDUP so we can make sure the project goes smoothly.

(Please note the form will not save work to come back to, if you need time to fill it out please either just email us the answers, or use a document to back up your work!)

Brandup Client Info Intake